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Terms and Conditions



1. Images are and remain Copyright and property of Icephotos.com and the photographer and may not be reproduced without the    express permission of Icephotos.com and the photographer.

2. Images may not be altered except with permission of Icephotos.com

3. Icephotos.com has used its best efforts to correctly caption the images but can accept no liability for errors. Purchaser must    independently verify their accuracy.

4. Icephotos.com is not liable for any misuse of images. The purchaser warrants that they will not be used for pornographic        material and will be used only within the laws governing the UK and those of each jurisdiction and territory.

5. The right to reproduce the images may not be sold, given or transferred by any means to a third party.

6. Photographs must be acknowledged as copyright and credited to Icephotos.com and/or the photographer unless otherwise      agreed.

7. Images are not ‘right-click’ protected but are at low resolution. You may download them for the purposes of layout planning      only.

8. Most, but not all, images are 4288 x 2848 pixels in RAW or JPEG fine format; size approx. 7 to 20MB.

9. The purchaser understands that reproductions may vary from photographs seen on the website, due to differences in light       levels, printing inks, paper etc.

10. The purchaser may need the permission of persons depicted or owners of the subject of the image to reproduce it. Purchaser    understands that they must obtain this permission independently and that Icephotos.com is not responsible for obtaining this    authority.

11. The right to reproduce an image is on a non-exclusive basis and the same image may be made available simultaneously to     others.

12. Icephotos.com reserves the right not to sell any of the images illustrated, at its sole discretion.

13. The purchaser is responsible for any UK or local taxes that are applicable.


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